March 2019

welding techniques

Breaking the Mold: How Welding Companies Tame Your Steel

Steel is a major component in many applications, from commercial and consumer to industrial. It also figures in most infrastructures in Edmonton, which is one of the major economic centers in Canada. The construction industry prizes the engineering material for its strength, corrosion resistance, and fabrication economy. And steel is weldable, improving the performance of

Multi-colored office chairs in a shop

Office Furniture: Cost Savings When Investing in Used Pieces

Workplace managers need to be thinking of cost-effective ways to improve productivity and comfort in a particular space. Any changes that are implemented should reflect the specific style of the business. When might you need to buy used furniture for your office? Used furniture is inexpensive compared to new ones. They’re also usually already assembled

house under renovation

What NOT To Do When Remodeling Your Home

Planning to renovate your house? There are a lot of things to consider in making such a big decision, including the amount of money you have to put in. So before you start tearing down the walls of your house, take note of these common home renovation blunders you need to avoid. Hiring the first

2 concrete workers spreading cement

Working with Concrete Masons: What You Need to Know

Stone may be one of the hardest materials to work with, yet one that can give beautiful results if used correctly. There’s a small difference in opinion over how exactly can stone benefit any building given that more advanced materials exist, but their widespread use in renovations and construction hasn’t changed a bit. From concrete stair

painting the house

Buying a Franchise Lets You Conquer the House Painting Sector

Due to the growing population, the house painting business sector is proving to be quite lucrative for discerning investors. There’s a spiking demand for specialist services to help homeowners create a custom living space. Devoid of any credibility, new entrants might have difficulties acquiring clients. Getting a franchise lets you circumvent this problem and hit

mom and child using heater

Hot and Cold Rooms in the House: What Can You Do?

Do some rooms in your house go hot and cold no matter which temperature you set your thermostat to? For example, your living room might be at the desired temperature, but the other rooms are either too cold or too hot. Many homeowners in Niagara have experienced this inconvenience. There are several ways to make

Durable Carpets for Every Homeowner

Life happens, and most homeowners become so busy that finding time to research the best items to use in their homes is nearly impossible. It is during this time that you will find it the most helpful to work with a professional to find these items to make your home warm and welcoming. That also

Construction worker holding hard hat

No More Construction Problems: Avoiding Building Project Issues

We often hear terrible stories of construction projects gone wrong. Some of them finished late or went over budget, while others faced accidents or legal battles. These incidents are unavoidable in construction and negatively affect the contractor and the client. A delayed project will use up time, resources and money, so much so that exceeding

flood in a suburban area

Do You Know About the Dangers that Follow a Flood?

Have you ever thought that a person can die from flood-related infection days after the disaster? Take for instance the case of the reported death of a woman from a “flesh-eating bacteria” in Hurricane Harvey’s floodwater in 2017. The impact of floods on communities and people can be devastating and far-reaching. Consequences will depend on

Buying Pipes: Understanding the Different Types of Steel and Their Applications

With expanding manufacturing processes, contractors have more options suitable for their different needs across the construction industry. Having a clear understanding of the available materials makes you a better buyer. It gives you the ability to examine different types of products and understand their capabilities easily. When dealing with steel pipe installation in Australia, a clear

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