March 2019

coil unit

Types of Coatings for HVAC Unit Coils

Coil corrosion is one of the most expensive elements in the HVAC sector. It necessities the need for regular evaporative coil replacement and at times the replacement of an entire HVAC unit. It is also responsible for about 40% of the air conditioning failures in industrial applications. There are two leading categories of HVAC coil

fireplace being measured

The Advantages of Having Chimneys and Fireplaces in Residential Areas

It all seems like a fairy tale. Seeing chimneys puff out smoke, sniffing the air with a cookie-infused smell, and hearing children run free with glee. It can be a tale as old as time, but you can never deny it, chimneys make you go back in nostalgia about the old times where life is simple and

Wooden fence

Why Wood Out of All the Fencing Options You Have?

Among all of the fencing materials you will find out there, wood is proven to be the most popular to most homeowners. This is not surprising considering its stylish and trendy look, but other than that there’s a whole lot more to love about it. Although new materials and fencing options have been introduced, the

The sitting room of traditional Chinese furniture

How to Design Your Home According to Your Favorite Country

Let’s face it: there are interior design principles that you love to steal from other countries. The problem is that you don’t know how to begin. Save yourself from the trouble of guessing as an infographic is here to help you. Made by Vibrant Doors, it shows you what you need to create a home

Screws, nuts, washers

Different Types of Washers and Their Applications

When it comes to washers, the material used in their construction will determine the physical properties. Some applications demand that the machine goes through a cyclic loading process to increase its resistance to fatigue and its strength. In other cases, to provide the required designs, one has to rely on alloys of steel. When nuts

woman scratching mosquito bite

Protect Your Family from Disease-Causing Bloodsuckers

You can swat mosquitoes with your hands or order an electric swatter online. Mosquitoes are not strong fliers, unlike other insects. However, no matter how well you swat, it will not do anything to elevate mosquito control in your backyard. What can swatting do against a swarm of buzzing insects that are hungry for blood?

summer heat

Chill Out With These Summer Cooling Tips

The go-to way to cool down during summer is to run your AC in the lowest settings. But what if the worst scenario happens and you need to replace your entire HVAC system? While you wait for replacement parts to come, you need to think of different ways to reduce your body heat. Calling for

worker insulating house ceiling

Ways to Get the Best Insulation for Your Home

In this day and age, insulation is a great energy-saving feature used for homes and buildings. It helps homes achieve a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather outside. In Kansas City, the use of spray insulation is widely accepted because of its low cost and durability. There are various types of insulation that can be

white house with a roof

Tips for Installing and Caring for Corrugated Plastic Roofs

You can use corrugated plastic in many ways. It is formed after two plastic liners made from copolymer and high-impact polypropylene on either side of fluting fuse together. Together, these materials form a layer of chemical and weather-resistant sheet that can be used for roofing. Use corrugated plastic roofing sheets when you replace or repair

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