January 2020

The Different Screw Types Commonly Used at Home and Various Industries

The things that we build often needs to be fastened together, and there are different ways to do it. These are vital in constructing stable structures. The screw, for example, is a dependable component in building sturdy structures by holding or joining two materials together. There are different uses and types of screws, from creating

lock and keys

How to Ensure Safety and Security at Home

Having a strong bond with family members is the most gratifying experience. When it comes to equipping and maintaining your home, one of your priorities is probably keeping your family happy. Aside from having a comfortable home, you should also ensure that everyone is safe and secure while staying at home. You want to keep harsh weather

water inside the house

What To Know About Water Damage/Is Your House Water Damaged?

Water damage is one of those issues in the house that can be a silent predator. It can be easy to ignore until the damage is much more apparent. Even then, water damage is hard to see from the surface. It may even seem like simply little annoyances if not closely inspected. Thankfully, specialists across

living room of the house

Improving Your Lighting at Home

A total home renovation, on average, costs roughly $46,000, from your kitchen cabinets to the window treatments. But the cost will also vary on the size of your place and even on your location. Online home renovation advisors would ask you to input your Florida or NY zip code before you can get an estimate.

Man installing tiles

Concrete Floor Care: What You Need to Know

No matter the type of flooring you have, whether in a commercial or residential building, it is essential to keep it clean and well-maintained at all times. Some popular floor types include wood, tiles, and marble, among a few. However, more and more home and business owners choose concrete as an excellent indoor flooring material

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