March 2020

Old woman teaching how to cook

A Brief History of Cooking Shows

Turn on the TV to a morning show, and you’ll see hosts cooking alongside a chef who’s promoting a cookbook. Go to the YouTube app on your phone, and you’ll see cooking shows topping the trending list. Food making as entertainment is a part of pop culture. Find out how cooking has evolved from a

new homeowners

A Definitive Guide for First-time Home Builders

Everyone has an ideal home and dreams of building it. People spend time designing and planning it, and seeing their dreams realized is a powerful experience. However, constructing a home isn’t as easy as it seems. It’s very tedious and can bring anyone on their wit’s end. Building a house requires a lot of resources,

Steel fence

Fade Resistance: Methods of Boosting It on Your Fence

Your curb appeal will determine the impression that people have of your home. To this end, it is now essential to pick the elements in your exteriors carefully. Fences in the past were primarily functional elements that marked property boundaries, kept out intruders, and enhanced the privacy of your outdoors. Nowadays, however, they are also

foundations of a home

Basic FAQs about Building a Home in the UK

Despite the high cost of acquiring land or property in the UK, many are still buying homes. In 2019, the number of first-time homebuyers increased to over 353,000, according to the Yorkshire Building Society. Building a home comes with many questions. To save oneself the hassle, this post answers some of the most common ones:

Building maintenance

Facility Maintenance Concepts | Building Maintenance Tips

Supervising facility maintenance doesn’t mean waiting around for items to break. If you own a building, it’s crucial to know different routine measures you can take to preserve its look and durability. You have the responsibility of keeping your building running like a well-oiled engine throughout the year. To keep your facility from issues, here

Creative Uses of Flat Roofs in Commercial Buildings

Everyone nowadays is out to start one business or another. The ideas and funding avenues for enterprises have seen a rise in the need for commercial spaces. Running a business from your home will, after all, paint you as unusual and not attract your envisioned clients and profits. Investing in commercial space to rent out

shoes on the rack

A Peek at Singapore’s Growing Sneaker Culture

Singapore’s sneaker culture may have been late to start — but it is now one of the strongest. Every Singapore home will have modest shoe racks (one for every member of the family) — and shoe purchases have been booming. From One to Many Singapore’s love for shoes started in the early 2000s — and

modern living room

Furnishing Decisions for the Long Run

In managing our own spaces, decisions are made at every turn and corner. These decisions can be affected by so many factors — our personal taste and preference, the context wherein our space is used and situated, as well as the opinions of everyone involved including stakeholders, co-owners, and anyone else who will share that

Steaming wet carpet to dry

Simple Tips for a Tidy Home

How often do you tidy up your place? Would you like to see your home neat and orderly without it feeling like a sterile asylum? Well, you’ve come to the right place. No matter how big or small your space is, keeping a tidy house can be quite a laborious chore. These tips can help

Installing insulation

Keep Your House Temperature Regulated With the Right Insulation

People like to be comfortable in their homes and one aspect of comfort is the temperature. They don’t like it to be too hot or too cold. But with the weather outside, it can be expensive to regulate the interior temperature of your home. You might have to run your AC or your heater a

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