July 2020

stones in the garden

A Garden that Rocks: Building Your Rock Garden

More often than not, when you think about a garden, green foliage and colorful flowers come to mind. However, that is not an absolute rule. You can make your rocks and the earth components of your yard the centerpiece and create a stunning space. That is an interesting take in yard aesthetics, as it allows

modern kitchen interior

The Shelf: A Transformative Part of Your House

How many parts or items in your house do you think are as versatile as your shelves? Probably not much. It can be hard to find something that can have a modular, portable, or fixed form. They can be so tall that they can reach your ceiling, or you can have them in a horizontal

modern apartment

Turn Your Room into a Sustainable Space

When you say that something is sustainable, it means that you are maximizing its purposes. That said, one of the places where you can have this is in your room. You may be thinking of products from Benmores Beds in there, but you can also add a few more improvements in there so you can achieve

home improvement

Exterior Upgrades That You Won’t Regret

Your house exterior is the most visible part of your home. People will see it every day and newcomers will base their impressions on how it looks. So improving the exterior with various upgrades can be worth the effort. But not all changes can be worth the money. Here are some of the ones with

small room in home

Living Small: Seven Design Ideas to Transform Your Small Space

Buying a home is a significant investment, and you have to have more than enough to finance a purchase and its homeownership costs. This is a challenge for many Americans who want to own a huge house—the larger the property, the more expensive it is. According to Realtor.com, the median price for each square foot

building a deck

Things to Remember When Building a Deck

A lot of people gained a newfound love for home improvement in recent months. But aside from making the repairs you’ve been putting off, replacing those that need replacing, and just doing basic maintenance around the house, a home improvement project strikes at the heart of outdoor aficionados the world over: building a deck. If

home interior

Details That Make Your Home Look Professionally Designed

Attention to detail is never more important than in home interior design. Most people focus on the obvious matters, like acquiring furniture and room accessories that “should” be present in a room, rather than strategize on the design and functionality of the entire space. While it is important to pay attention to the centerpieces of

family at new house

Moving into a New Home: What You Need to Do

When you buy a new house and plan to move in, you shouldn’t do it in a hurry. The results would be like fitting in new shoes over your feet: much pinching and ill-fitting. You want your move into your new home to be as smooth as possible. After all, when you start right in

Curb appeal

4 Areas to Prioritize for an Improved Curb Appeal

There are plenty of reasons to improve the curb appeal of your house. Increasing the price tag of your property for selling is one of them. Most homeowners simply want to keep their house a beautiful and comfortable shelter. Upgrading the exterior will also keep you and your family safe. No matter the reason, you

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