December 2020

house with garage

Garage Construction: Building a Detached Garage with Sustainability in Mind

These days, homeowners are becoming more eco-conscious. In every decision they make, they want to make sure they do it the green way. The good news is, different companies now offer sustainable solutions when building or renovating the house. For instance, you’re planning on constructing a new detached garage. By building your new home extension

after storm

Disaster Recovery: Renovations After a Natural Disaster

There are times when your home is devastated by nature. Hurricanes, earthquakes, and even simple floods can do quite a number on your abode. But as long as it isn’t destroyed, you can get it back into great shape again. It will take some effort but here are some tips on what you can do.


Five Clever Ways to Bring Down Your Power Bill

Data show that the U.S. state with the highest monthly average utility bill is Hawaii with $587.79 each month (electricity and gas). Florida comes in second with $459.40, South Carolina in third place with $450.51, Alabama in the fourth spot with $448.73, and Georgia rounding off the top five with a $441.10 average monthly utility

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