April 2021

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Green Exterior Home Renovation for Your Summer Comfort

Summer is almost here! After the long winter months and chilly spring, we can finally bask under the warm summer sun. As we are likely to spend more time outdoors during summer, now is the perfect opportunity to carry out our eco-friendly lifestyle to your outdoor living space. Over the years, more and more U.S.

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Learn About Sustainable Home Design with These Resources

Today, with the ever-growing concern for the welfare of the environment and its fight against climate change, people are more eager to integrate green living into their daily lives. And that includes the actual homes that they live in. So, these days, when someone wants to build a house, they don’t just think about the

neighborhood view

Important Considerations to Make Before Building a Home in a Mosquito-Populated Region

Nobody embodies the phrase “small but terrible” better than mosquitoes. Their minute bodies can carry the deadliest viruses, such as Zika, dengue, and malaria. You may think they only thrive in the tropics, like southeast Asia, but some regions in the U.S. are badly plagued by pesky insects as well. A mosquito bite may usually

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