September 2021

minimalist living room

Minimalism vs. Maximalism: Channeling Your Personal Taste Through Your Home

Homes these days are all about personal style. We live in an era where we have the freedom to share and capture our personal identities through social media and other digital means. We can embrace and refine our unique personalities, including how we groom and dress and even decorate and organize our living space. Designing

red bard in the field

Why Living in Rural Areas Can Be Better than the City

There has been a long debate about living in rural versus urban areas. And we can’t blame people for choosing what they think is the best. Rural living and urban living have their own advantages. Sometimes, what we need to consider are the person’s lifestyle and preferences. However, this article will focus on the benefits

busy office

Preparing for the Reopening of an Office during the Pandemic

Life is going back to normal as around 50 percent of the total population are now fully vaccinated. Even though there is a surge in cases in different parts of the country, some businesses have started reopening their offices. With this, they asked their employees to start working on-site. If you plan to reopen your

couple living comfortable at home

How to Boost Your Home’s Comfort Level

The pandemic restrictions have led people to spend most of their time indoors. Some surf online, watch TV or even work from home. Others have quality time with their families. As such, it’s a good idea to turn your house into the most comfortable place to live in. Fret not, as there are a handful of

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