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Lofty Goals: The Basics of Turning Rooms into Vacation Rentals

Loft spaces are just one of many potential places in your property that can be converted into a vacation rental that can be leased by tourists. There are a few important considerations to make before deciding on this investment. One good way to make money off of the extra space you may find in your

water pipes

Five Reasons Water Pipes Could Burst

For many homeowners, bursting water pipes is not a problem they imagine encountering until it happens. Burst pipes cause many problems and need time, money as well as effort to repair. No wonder you should not have to wait until you are caught pants down. There are things you can do to prevent pipe bursts.

Large wooden home deck

What Is the Average Cost of a New Deck?

These days, a 200-square-foot deck costs an average of $8,142, including the price of materials and labor fees. However, most homeowners should expect to spend from $5,169 to $11,139. The actual price will largely depend on the size that you want for your home. Decks that are smaller than 200 square feet will be cheaper,

Glowing Glass Art. Backlit hand crafted glass art from church window with flowers and vivid colors.

A Story in Light: Stained Window Art in the U.S.

Colored glass has been in circulation since the height of Egyptian and Roman civilization. Stained glass and architectural art glass windows, in particular, can be traced as far back as the 7th Century. The art of making glass windows crossed oceans to the U.S. by the 1600s; though it wasn’t until the 1800s that glass painting became


How to Keep Lichen off Your Property

It may seem harmless and unassuming, but lichen can cause permanent damage to outdoor surfaces when left unaddressed for a period of time. Lichen growth could speed up wear and tear on wherever it is growing, which could pose a danger for properties, particularly for roofs, as the gradual damage may increase the risk of

adding insulation for the cold

Renovation Ideas to Make Homes More Energy-Efficient

When people plan on renovating their homes, they usually think about aesthetics. Will repainting walls or replacing existing flooring make the home look more appealing? Will the renovations add value to the property and result in a higher selling price in the future? Another reason people renovate their homes is to address spots in the

a worker finishing concrete on the job site

The Function of Concrete Retarding Admixtures

Concrete is a widely used construction material composed of water, cement, and rock and sand aggregates. Water is the key ingredient in concrete, and when mixed with cement, creates a paste that binds the aggregates together. The water causes concrete to harden through the process of hydration. Water must be pure to prevent reactions that

Man installing glass window

Top Reasons Why Glass Should Be Part of Home Renovations and Extensions

Home upgrades used to be such a big task for homeowners. It often felt like you were going to lose so much time and money to keep a house updated and repair any damage done to your space. Thankfully, there are plenty of innovations and options for the homeowner looking to make some changes to

Couple talking to the contractor

Tips for Choosing the Right Contractor for Your New Home

Dreaming big is something that everybody does, and it goes for everything, from jobs, getting married, to owning a house. While purchasing real estate is usually the answer for the last two, you might have preferences that do not come with the ready-made homes available on the market. Hiring a builder will help make that

welding techniques

Breaking the Mold: How Welding Companies Tame Your Steel

Steel is a major component in many applications, from commercial and consumer to industrial. It also figures in most infrastructures in Edmonton, which is one of the major economic centers in Canada. The construction industry prizes the engineering material for its strength, corrosion resistance, and fabrication economy. And steel is weldable, improving the performance of

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