stones in the garden

A Garden that Rocks: Building Your Rock Garden

More often than not, when you think about a garden, green foliage and colorful flowers come to mind. However, that is not an absolute rule. You can make your rocks and the earth components of your yard the centerpiece and create a stunning space. That is an interesting take in yard aesthetics, as it allows

flower beds in garden

Tin Can Gardening: A Fun and Productive Way to Recycle Metal

In 2017, metal comprised about 12 percent of all recycled waste in the US. Although this isn’t a bad figure, there’s always room for improvement. After all, less energy is needed to produce metal from recycling compared to extracting it from a fresh metal ore. Moreover, by saving metal, we reduce the amount of waste headed to

flower beds in garden

Putting Together a Monochrome Garden

When people say “gardens,” the mental image is vibrant and colorful: the garden is supposed to have lots of colors, ranging from yellows to reds to blues. Flowering plants should be diverse, and if possible, there are leaves of different colors, too. However, a garden that has all the colors of the rainbow isn’t to

house lawn

Perilous Plants: 4 Hidden Dangers of Leaving Your Lawn Unattended

For many business owners, maintaining lawns is about curb appeal. Hotels need to keep their turf lush and thriving to attract guests. Offices need to keep their ornamental trees healthy to appear professional. Even the flowers in a shop’s window box need to be blooming to have maximum charm. But maintaining a lawn is more


Rain Gardens and Preventing Floods

A lot of people have misconceptions about the term “rain garden”. Most of the time, people imagine a landscape that’s almost always moist, consisting of juicy basins with plenty of plants always in dire need of water and a few amphibians here and there. However, rain gardens aren’t always blessed with moisture-filled conditions. These can almost mimic

at a farm

4 Simple But Valuable Life Lessons from Farming

Living on the farm can be rewarding, but can also be challenging at times. More than just learning how to plant and harvest, farming gives plenty of realizations in life. These realizations keep people sober and grounded and empower them in life to be better versions of themselves as time goes by. 4 Simple Life

Man watering his plants in the greenhouse

How Conservatory Greenhouse Is Beneficial to You and Your Plants

Growing plants in a greenhouse conservatory proves more advantageous than traditional gardening. One key benefit of a conservatory is that it allows you to control temperature, which plays a crucial role in the growth of plants. The ability to regulate temperature makes greenhouse conservatory a great extension to your home. For instance, you can grow

family having fun in the pool

Swim in Style: Looking Your Best for a Fun Pool Party

Pool parties have always been fun and exciting. Apart from being the best events for chatting up with friends, they’re also the perfect time to achieve that healthy, sun-kissed glow you’ve always wanted. Beach parties may look better in photos and make your Instagram feed more interesting, but pool parties have a fun, chill vibe

Man fixing locks of house

6 Inexpensive Ways to Secure Your Home from Theft and Burglary

Protecting your homes from unwanted guests doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. You don’t have to rely on expensive security systems with high-tech cameras and alarms just to secure your property. There are plenty of low-effort, no-cost measures that you and your family can take to make sure that your homes are

house style

The Most Common House Styles in Utah

The architectural styles of houses in Utah are varied, ranging from the oldest to the most modern of designs. For homeowners building a new house here, it may help that you take a look at sample home styles and their brief history. This will help you decide on the kind of theme, furniture, roof and

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